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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Willie the Kid feat. Alchemist 'F***ing Toxic (Produced by Lee Bannon)'

Willie the Kid and the Alchemist have teamed up to create this dope track titled 'F***ing Toxic' which will appear on Willie's mixtape, "The Fly 2" set to drop sometime next month. Willie the Kid a rapper out of Michigan has a pretty strong fanbase not just in his home state but around the world, and he's one of those rappers looking to get his music across, not just something to get radio play, but something that is true to what he stands for. He even dropped a diss track against Lil Wayne called 'Fully Loaded Clip' and the Alchemist is a rapper I've heard of/listened to his music for quite some time now is someone that you SHOULD know. If you haven't heard that 'Therapy' song by him, CuDi, Blu and Evidence then I suggest you listen to it NOW. The Alchemist is another one of those underground artists who should be receiving more shine than most of these played out mainstream artsits on the radio nowadays. The track 'F***ing Toxic' has a more laid back instrumental to it, with a nice guitar playing along. The verses are not all that flashy, and it transcends from being "Rap" to being "Hip Hop."


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