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Monday, January 24, 2011

Tracy Chapman 'Fast Car (Live)'

I've heard this song countless times before, but I've never looked up who sang it and what not, but today this acapella group came and sung for us at school today, and one of the songs they did was 'Fast Car.' I was amazed by how well they did it, and the song was stuck in my head afterwards. It's just an amazing song just content wise with the story it tells about love and a relationship that can't really take off because of problems in the relationship that keep it from blossoming. Just listening to her sing it live gives it even more emotion, and the more I listen to it I feel as though I can understand her pain even though I've never gone through anything similar. This is one of those songs that have so much meaning and can be related to by so many different people. This song will live forever.

"I know things will get better
You'll find work and I'll get promoted
We'll move out of the shelter


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