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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lupe Fiasco '10 Crack Commandments (Freestyle)'

Lupe has not been getting that shine that he so deserves with all this record label drama, and the lack of creativity and intellect in the music industry, but Lupe always stays true to himself and what he stands for. His album "Lasers" is set to drop later this year, not totally sure on the exact date, but I will definitely let you all know so you can go out and support Lupe and buy that album. This is a freestyle he did just a few days ago on Connecticut's own HOT 93.7 radio show just going off the top of the head and having fun with it. You can hear the hosts laughing in the background as he goes. Just something fun while we wait until "Lasers" drops March 8th SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS.


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