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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Carlos St. John "12 Flights Up, A Short Story (Video #1)"

Ahhh yes, Carlos St. John Day is back! The new installment to the series is not just music, but a combination of music, and a personal look into the life of the man behind the "In Association" mixtape. The first video in the series features the song 'Lights in the Air' by Mr. St. John and Brook Yung. It's a little teaser for you Stockholders of what can be expected, and after watching this I can't wait to see where Carlos and his people go with it. By the looks of this first video it looks like it will be about a love in Carlos' life that possibly has left him just by looking at the setting of the video and the roses and drinks around the table. It seems like it will be touching, maybe show a different side of Carlos St. John through this series? We'll have to wait and see until next Tuesday. Get prepared for the next episode by listening and downloading the "In Association" Mixtape, brushing up on your facts/info of Carlos by checking out his website.


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