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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hoodie Allen 'Dreams Up'

I've never posted a Hoodie Allen song before, I've only heard of him through my guy over at The Chillin Villians (who by the way has gotten back to posting again) and this song in particular is one that I heard on there and felt I needed to post with you guys. It's a new song by Hoodie, who hails from the New York Area, is called 'Dreams Up' which is a kind of pop-y rap or "Hoodie-Hop" as he's dubbed his genre on his facebook. It's a must listen to kind of song which will have you playing over and over and over again (I've been listening to this song like 5 or 6 times within like 10 minutes). His rhymes on this song are ridiculous and you can tell he's definitely having fun with it, "I'm team Jacob, I'm never into biting." Get it?


theVibeGirl said...

I can't decide if I like this or if it's too much style crossover for me.

The Brat said...

If you listen to it long enough, you'll deff become a fan or atleast a fan of this song. Check out more of his stuff and see it it's just this song.

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