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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nina Simone 'Four Women'

I've never heard the song before until hearing it at the end of the movie "For Colored Girls" when I saw it with my mom in theaters, and she told me what the name of the song was and who sung it. 'Four Women' is such a deep song about four different Black women all with different skin colors, hair types, etc. Within each verse, Ms. Simone sings about a different woman and tells a different story about each one. This one song displays the different struggles faced by Black woman not just then when the song came out, but it can be related to even today. As a Black woman (young woman) I can hear and feel the story Nina Simone wanted to get across in this song and the pain that comes with being Black. If you haven't seen the movie "For Colored Girls" I highly recommend it to all, white, black, hispanic, what have you because it tells the many different struggles of different Black women with varying social and economic positions and their similarities. I hope that you all can enjoy this classic song by Nina Simone, and can try to understand what it is she is trying to get across to those that truly listen to 'Four Women.'


Anonymous said...

hey. its vanilla blue, thanks for commenting on my thread, your blog is real cool.
I love Nina Simone. here voice is amazing. this is song is really good but it's quite long. i dont remember if it was her who sang 'strange fruit' but her voice is a lot like that.
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