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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mike Jaggerr 'Away (Clean Version)'

I just found this song, and it is incredible. It's another one of those calmer, deep rap songs that tell a story in it. The guy behind it goes by the name of Mike Jaggerr (sounds faintly similar to Mick Jagger now doesn't it? lol) and he has been seeing some more shine and buzz as of late because of his upcoming mixtape "The 11th Hour" coming out January 11th. In the song he describes his want to get away from all of this sadness that he's faced in his life, and how he will be able to get away from it all in the end. I enjoy the beat, and the rapping over it blends so well and the story he paints will surely get you nodding your head and really listening to what he has to say. Just listening to this song is a great indication of what he has to offer, and apparently the music video is in the works for this song and I am looking forward to seeing it. Be on the look out for Mike Jagger in 2011.


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